About Us

About Us and Our Philosophy

Translating does not just involve language. We see ourselves as a bridge that helps simplify and improve communication between two different cultures. To do so, we do not only require a large vocabulary, but cultural, historical, and social skills, which impact our work.

Especially today, precise translations are an important factor in the communication and therefore the trade between countries throughout the world. With our work, we want to do our part in helping the world get a little closer, and improve the exchange and understanding between cultures.


We are a member of the following groups and adhere to their quality standards:

Association for Language and Text
International Translator Association
Language without Borders

Our History

From the start, our main objective was to create an ongoing business relationship with our clients. We knew that especially those in the translation industry need constants they can build on and through which we can gradually understand the client’s needs and individual language.

Betty Banks founded BJB Enterprises a few years ago. Previously, Betty had worked as a language teacher and her doctoral thesis dealt with the topic Language & Culture. Aside from her work as a teacher, she continued to get translation requests which finally got to be too much for her. Something had to be done. Ultimately, Betty decided on opening her own little translation business with her as the only employee.

Based on BJB Enterprises’s philosophy to focus on long-term relationships, Betty only worked for three clients for quite some time, so that she could fully focus on their language. Over time, the good quality of her work became known in Flushing, and there was more and more work. New staff members were hired, new offices leased, and now, Betty has ten motivated and qualified employees working with her.